This site is here to spread awareness and promote
several forms of European Electronic Dance Music
and related genres
and the artists who write, produce and perform it.

Information and news about this non-mainstream music is hard to find.
These genres are especially obscure in the USA.
So this site has been created to help fans
in the USA and everywhere else, discover this music.

With Eurodance music, there is no need for party stimulants to dance. the beat is the stimulant! Nor is there any need to kill the pain. Plenty of available stuff at our rage parties

This site provides another resource and community for fans of these genres.

A "voice from the past" is rejoining the eurobeat world
and "Akyr Music" is a new Eurobeat label run by Laurent Newfield from Delta

In-grid has a great new album

Captain Jack passed away a few months ago... rumors say his son may take over

"Without Eurodance, I wouldn't survive the grueling commute day after day!"