Eurobeat & Para Para

Eurobeat is a style of music that is a result of fusion of 70's disco and Italian High Energy (Hi NRG) music. It is faster than most other dance songs and contains many quick and complicated synth lines.

It is popular in Japan. Many Japanese artists write and sing Eurobeat.

Here are some of my favorite Eurobeat artists and songs:

Play the Music by Ace

Jammin' Spanish Man by Cindi

I Wanna Dance by Domino

Do You Wanna Dance by Go Go Girls

My Sweet Banana by Go Go Girls

Derakkusu (Deluxe) by Key-a-Kiss

Para Para by King & Queen

Romeo & Juliet by Lolita

Atomic Playboy by Mike Skanner

Technotronic Flight by Princess F.

Boom Boom Power by Tam Arrow

Listen to Eurobeat by Tokyo Future

Also check out the ARTISTS page for Lolita and Jennifer.

Eurobeat artists are often shrouded in mystery - in some cases with no image whatsoever - literally no picture of them on any of their material - or the other alternative - and image of someone who isn't the real singer! See the gallery for some pics.

There could be many reasons for this. A few possibilities are:

- Allowing the listener to focus on only the sound rather than image

- Allowing the producer to have the same artist "pose" as several different artists. For example, Annerly (Annerley?) Gordon seems to sing as several names such as Lolita, Ann Sinclair, Annalise, Virginelle, etc.

- The artist is older or perhaps does not have a commercial image

- Photoshoots are beyond the budget

Thoughts? Comments?

There is a style of dancing called Para Para, which is similar to cheeleading with a lot of arm movements. There are Para Para clubs in Japan. Also there is a video game in arcades and on Sony Playstation 2. The game uses light sensors to detect your movements.

There is set choreography for Para Para remixes of songs, which incidentally are about 2 minutes each in length.

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*images thanks to

Alberto Contini

Dave Rodgers
(Real name Giancarlo Pasquini)

(real name Clara Moroni)

Marko Polo


Laurent Newfield

Leslie Parrish

King & Queen
(real name Elena Ferretti)

Mega NRG Man


Norma Sheffield
(Real Name Francesca Contini)


Brett Sinclair