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This is just a quick list of some of our favorite songs, albums, artists, etc. & the many different reasons...

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Lightsol's Top Ten Dance Albums (In No Particular Order)
If I could only keep 10 out of 100's...
I pretty much have to love every track

1. Crispy - The Game

2. In-Grid - Rendez-Vous

3. Ann Lee - Dreams

4. Antique - Die for You

5. La Cream - Sound and Vision

6. Fragma - Toca

7. E-Type - Last Man Standing

8. Kate Ryan - Different

9. Tess - One Love to Justify

10. 4 Strings - Believe

Lightsol's Favorite Dance Singers: (In No Particular Order)

Annerley (Annerly) Gordon
So few people seem to know all she has done behind the scenes for Euro and Italian music. She also has changed her singing style several times and is a great writer. Her work in Eurobeat and as Whigfield is amazing. She has such a clear, belting strong chest voice.

Nana Hedin
From Celine Dion to Britney Spears to E-Type... this behind the scenes vocalist is amazing and powerful!

Claudia Uhle
Singer of X-Perience and solo project Angelzoom. She is a bit of Sarah Brightman, Enigma, Evanescence and Kate Bush, wrapped into one! Amazing soprano voice.

Lightsol's Favorite Dance Tunes: (In No Particular Order)

Skin by Sylver.
this song perfectly describes a couple years in my life.

If You Were Here by Jennifer
this Eurobeat-sounding song just makes me so happy! Reminds me of the good old days, carefree on the hills in my hometown.

If You Can Say Goodbye by Kate Project (Saifam)
man, it just totally spoke to me during a very hard time.

Desenchantee covered by Kate Ryan
absolutely beautiful French singing and awesome arrangement. I hope her album is released in the USA.

Play by Robyn
endearing tune emphasizing staying young in this life...

Life by E-Type
to me, his best song - so uplifting and positive!

Lightsol's Favorite Bands & Artists: (In No Particular Order)

Me & My
These Danish sisters have come from bubblegum to r&b and soul to trance! they reinvent themselves, keep growing, write and perform their own stuff, and look hot doing it! Also they have taken the time to chat with fans on their website.

Who knew accordian and dance beats would go so well together? AWESOME material.

As far as bubblegum goes, I think they are the absolute creamiest and bubbliest yet still sound somehow cool and club-ish - get their album entitled "The Game."