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Me & My
Fansite, USA

...featuring the fantastic Danish Euro Dance / Pop / Soul / Vocal Trance group from Denmark, Me & My or also called Me&My. This site is intended to help promote their music and as a source of information and history for fans or any others who might stumble here!

If you listen to Electronica, Dance, Pop or Trance, or like groups like Ace Of Base, Aqua, Ian Van Dahl, Lasgo, Sylver, Dj Encore, TATU, E-Type or E-rotic, or play Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) or like Dancemania, you will probably enjoy this site!

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More BIG news!
Susanne goes solo! While Pernille is taking care of her newly coming baby and spending time with her family, Susanne plans to move to the USA to work on a solo album! Apparently their fourth album as a band was almost done as well and they will most likely finish that up in the future!

12-15-03 -
Let the Love Go On video added
Gallery of Images from Dub-i-dub music video added to video section

12-05-03 - BIG News from the official site!

Pernille is Pregnant!!
We are delighted to inform you that Pernille Georgi is 4 month pregnant. She got engaged to future father/husband Christopher James New Years Eve 2002, and the couple will marry on New Years Eve 2003!! "We are so happy, and I am feeling fine. Our little Junior started to move at 16 weeks already!! quite early for first time mums, so I feel so lucky!!" says Pernille. "It will of course affect our work planning for the next year or so, I will be working a lot more on my own while Pernille is taking care of our little new family member. " says Susanne.

8-07-03 - News from the official site!

5.8.03 Spain
Dear all, Hope you are enjoying the summer. (It is SO hot everywhere in Europe right now!!) We know it's been quite a while since we last wrote you guys, but we have been going through a lot of exciting changes. We are still working on our new album, we have been working in Sweden, England, Spain and Denmark over the last year......we have one more time met a lot of GREAT producers and songwriters. New people that we WILL be working with again :-)) We have also decided that we in the future will be giving more of our own material to other artists. We do write a lot of songs and have way TOO many that never even "see the light". Hopefully we will be sneaking in a few hits here and there in the near future :-)))) That's it for now....we wish you all good luck with everything and remember to SMILE....Lots of love - and thank you all for all the sweet posts on our message-board. Susanne & Pernille

8-05-03 - Video section updated - check out full versions of Baby Boy and So Many Men! Let me know what you think! Please take advantage of the forum!

7-03-03 - The old message board is gone due to a server crash! But please take the time to register and post again! Thanks! So Many Men & Dub-i-Dub videos may be online soon!

6-20-03 - Rumor has it that the girls are recording an album in Spanish!
I added some items to MY COLLECTION and WISHLIST
It seems that my site is finally getting spidered by Search Engines!

5-19-03 - Added more links, videos up, and message board is up!

5-05-03 - Site Goes Up